How to Host a Pandemic Party

Invite your friends over to play Pandemic. Let them know you are part of a grassroots effort to help Doctors without Borders beat Ebola.

Put out a jar with a flyer to invite people to donate. If you can, put out a computer or a tablet open at the donation page, so people can directly donate with their credit cards. Print out donation cards with the URL for donations ( so that people can take it home if they don't feel comfortable donating during the party.

After the party, you can submit a donation to Doctors Without Borders equal to the amount that people contributed in cash at the party. Please donate on our donation page, so we can keep count of the accumulated donations from all the Pandemic Parties.

After you make the donation, add your photos and a comment about your party to the Pandemic Parties Facebook Page. Where did your team get together? How many people came to play? Did you beat the Pandemic?